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Netway System & Solutions Private Limited is Technology and client centric leading Information Technology & HRM service provider ISO certified company. We provide the best possible IT & HRM solutions and services with the help of department/sector best expert manpower....
Our client centric focus provides highly cost effective and quality service and solutions. We follow the international standards and approach in delivery of service and solution. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across state/nation level locations to align with clients’ cost, speed ....Read more


Netway System & Solutions Private Limited was established in 24 July 2015. to provide information technology and human resources solutions for small to medium sized businesses or government department. We are a information technology and human resources intensive corporation geared to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in areas of integrated business solutions, system applications, product development, applications, communication & network management services. Netway System & Solutions Private Limited provides clients with a comprehensive range of information technology and human resources solutions.Read more


24 July 2015 is a full human resources and information technology service provider ISO certified company. We specialise in delivering consulting, information technology infrastructure, software development and human resources solutions that increase productivity, competiveness and deliver cost savings. Our success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional client service delivering the highest standard of solutions tailored to your technology and human resources needs and objectives. Our team are specialists in providing information technology. Read more

Our Vision

  • Establish Netway System & Solutions Private Limited as one of the Respectful Organization in the areas of information technology and HRM services.
  • To build a great future for people through empowering entrepreneurship.
  • Noteworthy contribution to become Bihar as a developed nation.

    Our Mission

  • To be the IT & HRM service provider leader in the Government department.
  • Recognize as No. – 1 in the world for providing Information technology & HRM solution to in the domain which we work.
  • Create/Provide Consistently World Class development by encouraging Innovation and Technology.
  • Great Clients delight and have “Clients Satisfaction No.-1” as top priority.

    Our Goal

    To be world-class IT & HRM service provider in government sectors/departments through innovation and continuous improvement.

    Our Value

    As an organization of people, we commit to provide excellent service to clients, and strive in continuous innovation and improvement.


    Our Clients